Crazy Cakes - Tea Time With a Twist

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Silchester Bonfire & Firework Night

Date and time: Saturday 2 November (times TBC) Location: Holly Lane, Silchester, Reading, Berks, RG7 2NA

What's been happening?

Busy in the Chimney Cake Cafe kitchen, yes thats right folks! You'll be extatic to know that we've come up with FOUR fabulous new flavours of sweet Chimney Cakes. Don't panic! You won't have to wait long to try them as two will be launched in November.

Dare we say it.........Christmas! We do dare because quite frankly we're excited about it. Not only will we be selling three new flavours of Chimney Cake, we'll also be selling mulled wine, the perfect festive accompaniment. You'll find us at the magical Newbury Christmas Market in Victoria Park and with our Christmas aprons primed and ready, we can't wait!!!

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Take a peek at what the team at Chimney Cake Cafe has been up to. Have you got a picture of yourself visiting us on the stall? Why not e-mail it to us and we'll add it to our gallery.


Chimney Cakes are traditionally an Eastern European sweet pastry. They're made from dough wrapped round a stick, rolled in sugar and cinnamon and grilled.


Hey everybody! When you’re not coming and visiting us at one of our events and enjoying a delicious Chimney Cake, why not become part of our team by helping us with a few fun things.


We're really excited about bringing Chimney Cakes to the good folk of Blighty. Because they're a new food product and we're new to selling them, we'd love for you to get in touch and let us know what you think.